Logo Design

Make sure the logo design make sense!

Chae Design upholds industry standards in professional logo design.

When coming up with an identity for your business, a business logo design is an essential first step. Chae Web Design offers professional logo design services with the following logo design types.

  • Iconic/Symbolic logo design: These professional logo designs are simple yet powerful. Iconic/symbolic logo designs are instantly recognizable logo designs. They are memorable and can add impact to your brand identity. Iconic/ Symbolic logo designs are less direct than text-based designs, but these innovative logo designs are just as powerful.
  • Logotype/Wordmark logo design: These professional logo designs make a statement. They infuse your brand name with its own unique identity using fonts, colors, shapes and sizes. The Chae Design team creates your professional logo -the finished product is a creative, legible logo design that is powerful on everything from a poster to a business card to a website.
  • Combination Marks logo design: These logo designs feature the best of both worlds! By combining dynamic text with your brand image, Chae Design constructs a professional logo that conveys exactly what your organization is about. These professional business logo designs can be integrated to feature the text and image so that they can be separated, that way your logo design has the benefit of being both logotype and wordmark designs!

The Chae Design artistic team ensures that their logo designs meet your professional needs by delivering your final logo design in adobe illustrator, psd (photoshop), gif, jpeg, and tiff formats. Thus providing you with everything you need for print, web, and signage.

For more information on logo designs or a free estimate please contact Chae Design at 516-582-1264.