Postcard Designs

Postcard design by Chae Design

Chae Design provides an effective yet extremely affordable marketing tool for your business - postcards!

Our postcard designs always incorporate quality imagery and uniquely placed information. We pride ourselves on using our eye for design to create postcard designs and postcard printing materials that not only are eye-catching -but are pleasing to the eyes.

At Chae Design, we will design for any custom size postcard that meets your business need. Our most common postcard design layout options are below:

  • Standard Postcard design: (5.5 x 8.5): This postcard design is the most popular for mailers.
  • Mini Postcard design (2.75 x 4.5): This postcard design is perfect for coupons, RSVP cards, and any other info that you would want your client to keep in their wallet.
  • Large Post Card design (8.5 x 11): Bold, Daring and dynamic post card designs that create a lasting impression on your client.

Because we know the variety of ways postcards can be used we specialize in creating a postcard design that works for you.  Whether using the postcards as direct mail pieces or as promotions, Chae Design makes sure to use the correct post card design for your post card design printing needs.

For more information on postcard designs or a free estimate please contact Chae Design at 516-582-1264.